Institutional Coverage

Below is a list of institutions that provide research coverage of Atico Mining Corporation. Atico does not provide analyst coverage reports nor endorse or approve any opinions, estimates or forecasts made by the analysts who cover the Company. Please contact the analyst directly if you want to receive a copy of their report or discuss their views. The publication of this list by Atico does not imply any endorsement of or concurrence with the information, conclusions or recommendations of the analysts listed. The list includes analysts currently known by Atico to follow the company, but may not be complete and may change as firms add or delete coverage. Atico undertakes no obligation to update this list.

Laurantian Bank Securities
Jacques P. Wortman
Initiated coverage October 09, 2019

Tel. +1 (416) 941-7701

Bereket Berhe
Initiated coverage January 23, 2014

Tel. +1 (416) 603-7381

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